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Saturday, 22 May 2010


Hi kids! Your friends in 4ºB made some riddles for you to solve. All of them are about animals. Can you guess the animals?

¡Hola chic@s! Vuestros compañeros de 4ºB han hecho algunas adivinanzas para que las resolváis. Todas son de animales. ¿Podéis adivinar los animales?(Pasad el ratón por el guión para ver la solución)

I can walk, but I can't fly. I live in India, in the grassland. 
I'm orange, black and white. 
I eat meat. You can see me in the zoo
Carmen García Polo

- tiger

It is big. It lives in the sea and it eats you

Alejandro Mayofret


I am big and green. I can swim.
I eat fishes. Ican't fly
Iather Magallanes

This animal can't fly but it can walk. He lives in the jungle or in the zoo. 
He has black and orange stripes.
María Rueda Benítez


I can swim but I can't walk. I live in the sea.
I'm grey and white. I've got big teeth.
I eat fishes. You can see me in the aquarius. 
Julio Luna 


I can swim, but I can't run.I live in the sea.
I'm grey.  I eat fish.
Fernando Rabasco


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