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Monday, 31 May 2010

Animals in danger

With 6º we are talking about animals in danger all over the world. It's an important problem, so if you want to learn something more, you can visit this excellent web

Con 6º estamos hablando sobre animales en peligro en todo el mundo. Es un problema importante, así que si queréis aprender algo más, podéis visitar esta escelente web:

Monday, 24 May 2010

More things from 4º

In 4º we are learning how to describe people, and they have described some members of their families.

En 4º estamos aprendiendo a describir a la gente, y han descrito a algunos miembros de sus familias.

My mum's name is Mª Carmen. She is tall. She has got curly hair. She is thin. She works in the court. She has got fair hair, green eyes and small ears. She is strong.

Lucía Burgos.

My father is tall and thin. He has got short and curly hair. He has got glasses and brown eyes.

Carlos Hergueta.

My mother is a short and thin woman with long, straight hair.

Sara Delgado.

My brother is tall and thin. He has got short. straight hair.

Blanca Vega.

My mum is a short and thin woman with curly hair.

Francisco Javier Toledano.

My brother has got an average height. He is studying law. He has got straight hair and brown eyes. He likes playing footballand listening to music. He has got a car.

Fernando Alonso

My brother is a nurse. He is tall and thin. He has got dark hair. He likes fruit and meat. He also likes playing football. I love my brother.

Marta Romero.

My mum is tall and thin. She has got long, straight, dark hair. 

Magdalena Salas. 

Saturday, 22 May 2010


Hi kids! Your friends in 4ºB made some riddles for you to solve. All of them are about animals. Can you guess the animals?

¡Hola chic@s! Vuestros compañeros de 4ºB han hecho algunas adivinanzas para que las resolváis. Todas son de animales. ¿Podéis adivinar los animales?(Pasad el ratón por el guión para ver la solución)

I can walk, but I can't fly. I live in India, in the grassland. 
I'm orange, black and white. 
I eat meat. You can see me in the zoo
Carmen García Polo

- tiger

It is big. It lives in the sea and it eats you

Alejandro Mayofret


I am big and green. I can swim.
I eat fishes. Ican't fly
Iather Magallanes

This animal can't fly but it can walk. He lives in the jungle or in the zoo. 
He has black and orange stripes.
María Rueda Benítez


I can swim but I can't walk. I live in the sea.
I'm grey and white. I've got big teeth.
I eat fishes. You can see me in the aquarius. 
Julio Luna 


I can swim, but I can't run.I live in the sea.
I'm grey.  I eat fish.
Fernando Rabasco


Sunday, 16 May 2010

More jokes

Here we have more English jokes! Now your friends in 5ºA found these great jokes:

¡Aquí tenemos más bromas inglesas! Ahora vuestr@s compañer@s de 5ºA han encontrado estos chistes geniales:

A teacher was asked to fill out a questionnaire. One question said: Give two reasons for being a teacher. The teacher said: July and August

Rafael Lozano. 5ºA

-Doctor, doctor! I keep thinking I'm a caterpillar!

-Don't worry. You will soon change

Laura Martínez Morejón. 5ºA

A little boy returned home from school and told his father that he had failed the maths test. Hiss father asked him - Why did you fail?
The boy replied. -The teacher asked how much is 3x2? and I said 3x2 is 6.
-Well, that's right -said the father.
The little boy continued. -Then she asked me How much is 2x3?
-What the hell is the difference? -asked the father.
The soon replied -That's exactly what I said to my teacher and that's why I sail the maths test!

Jaime Echeita and Ainhoa 5ºA

There are six boys under one umbrella and they don't get wet.
Why not?
It isn't raining!

Isabel Brioso. 5ºA

What do you call a person that keeps on talking even when others have stopped listening?
A teacher!

Carmen Díaz. 5ºA

Where do spiders play football?

Enrique Aroca

What goes ha ha ha plop?
Someone laughing ther head off!

Pablo Badenes. 5ºA

Doctor, doctor! I keep thinking I'm invisible!
-Who said that?

Francisco López. 5ºA

What do sea monsters eat?
Fish and ships!

Ángela García. 5ºA

What has beginning, no end and nothing in the middle?
The letter "G"

María García. 5ºA

Where was the Queen of England crowned?
On her head.

Helena Prado. 5ºA

Dentist: I have to pull the aching tooth. It will take just 5 minutes.
Patient: And how much will it cost?
Dentist: It's 99 $
Patient: 99 $ for just a few minutes work?
Dentist: I can extract it very slowly if you like

Paula LLanos. 5ºA

Monday, 10 May 2010


With 5º we have been seeing some English jokes, and some of your partners searched new ones. So here you have a selection of some of the best jokes.

Con 5º hemos estado viendo algunas bromas inglesas y algunos de vuestros compañer@s han buscado algunas nuevas. Aquí tenéis una selección de las mejores bromas.

Doctor! Doctor! I feed like a racehorse!
Take one of these every four laps

Álvaro José Sánchez. 5ºB

A little boy asks a driver:
-Could you give me a ride please?I'm late for school.
- But I'm heading in the opposite direction!
-Even better!

Alejandra Olivencia Herrera. 5ºB

Doctor! Doctor! My sister here keeps thinking she's invisible. 
-Which sister?

Eduardo Portero. 5ºB

What does minimum means?
A very small mother!

César Vázquez. 5ºB

Doctor! Doctor! My name is coquito.
You are silly

Juan Carlos Prieto. 5ºB

What do skeletons say before the begging dining?
Bone appetit!

Mario Misas. 5ºB

Doctor! Doctor! I'm a burglar!
Have you taken anything for it?

Andrés Gallego. 5º B

What is the difference between an elephant and a flea?
An elephant can have fleas, but a flea can't have elephants!

Javier Monrosi. 5ºB

What word is always pronounced wrong?

Alejandro Mora. 5ºB