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Monday, 10 May 2010


With 5º we have been seeing some English jokes, and some of your partners searched new ones. So here you have a selection of some of the best jokes.

Con 5º hemos estado viendo algunas bromas inglesas y algunos de vuestros compañer@s han buscado algunas nuevas. Aquí tenéis una selección de las mejores bromas.

Doctor! Doctor! I feed like a racehorse!
Take one of these every four laps

Álvaro José Sánchez. 5ºB

A little boy asks a driver:
-Could you give me a ride please?I'm late for school.
- But I'm heading in the opposite direction!
-Even better!

Alejandra Olivencia Herrera. 5ºB

Doctor! Doctor! My sister here keeps thinking she's invisible. 
-Which sister?

Eduardo Portero. 5ºB

What does minimum means?
A very small mother!

César Vázquez. 5ºB

Doctor! Doctor! My name is coquito.
You are silly

Juan Carlos Prieto. 5ºB

What do skeletons say before the begging dining?
Bone appetit!

Mario Misas. 5ºB

Doctor! Doctor! I'm a burglar!
Have you taken anything for it?

Andrés Gallego. 5º B

What is the difference between an elephant and a flea?
An elephant can have fleas, but a flea can't have elephants!

Javier Monrosi. 5ºB

What word is always pronounced wrong?

Alejandro Mora. 5ºB

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