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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Clothes! (5º)

Here you have a great game to practice with clothes. Can you find the right clothes for Teddy?

Aquí tenéis un juego para practicar con la ropa. ¿Puedes encontrar la ropa correcta para Teddy?

What are you wearing?

You can practice this question by watching this video. Don't worry if you hear different clothes. Just focus on the question and the clothes we have learnt

Podeis practicar esta pregunta viendo este video. No os preocupeis si escuchais ropas diferentes. Centraos en la pregunta y en las ropas que hemos aprendido

Here you have also another video to practice the question What are you doing?

También os dejo un video para practicar la pregunta What are you doing?

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